Hi Roberto,

I'm in full agreement with you about sending out press releases every time a major version of Plone is released. I would also suggest sending out press releases every time there is a major conference or symposium.

We also discussed inviting journalists to come to the conferences (why weren't there any at this year's conference?) and making it easy for journalists to write stories about Plone. This could mean making a plone.org/press area with press contact persons, logos, photos and elevator pitches / soundbites that journalists could use to construct a story about Plone.

Very interesting to hear your comments about partner networks. I suspect that this will be hard for the Plone Foundation to do, since these networks are typically set up to work with a commercial vendor, not with a non-profit foundation. I think it's more likely that individual Plone vendors could join for example the Redhat network.


Roberto Allende wrote:

I was reading yesterday tickets and i'd like to mention two issues IHMO are very important:

1. Press Releases
2. Partnership networks

1. Press Releases
We should have someone in charge of writing press releases. I think it's very important the Foundation releases a press release everytime there's a new version, an important event and so on. Ideally the press release would be written by a journalist, so they're usually contacted with other journalists and medias. I believe this cannot be done by volunteer job and it would be great if the foundation can pay a freelancer journalist. Probably we could contact other open source foundations, such as FSF and ask if we can work together, asking them how are they solving this issue.

2. Partnership networks
Probably this should be discussed inside Zea Partners, but i found many cases where gov and corps choose Alfresco, just because is in the Red Hat partnership network: http://rhx.redhat.com/rhx/catalog/index.jspa I already contacted them, but i'm not sure about their interest of having Plone there.. anyway, we could identify Partnetship networks and try to get there (probably Novell has one, and so on). I'll could keep moving this, but in some point i would need "official" suport.

I hope you believe are goods ideas.

Kind Regards

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