Sounds like a very good idea. Many potential Plone users and decision makers are NOT in a position to nor do they necessarily have the knowledge or the time to install software just to try it out. I have seen some of the laziest software decision "processes" you could imagine (or maybe you couldn't imagine them!), so something like this would help our cause by eliminating this one particularly easy "out" (of not being able to see it in action).

I don't know how is served but maybe this could also be a good demo of Jazkarta's Plone in the Cloud offering too.


On Oct 13, 2008, at 6:53 PM, Nate Aune wrote:

I'd like to explore the idea of creating a site that
hosts the current released version of Plone, and would serve as a
place folks could go to try out Plone *before* downloading it. While
the installers make it very easy to try out Plone, some folks are
hesitant to install new software on their computer, and some IT depts
forbid it.

The site would have logins for a standard unprivileged
user, a reviewer and an admin user. It would get cleared out every
night with a fresh Data.fs. This could be done with a simple script
that's executed on a scheduled basis using cron. We could use
something like Amberjack [1] or Flowgram [2] to create an interactive
guided tour to "hold the hand" of new users through the process of
creating new content, reviewing content, administering a Plone site,

what do folks think about this idea? I think it would be nice to have
this available to coincide with the launch of the newly redesigned website.



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