This code swarm is a really cool visualization of the history of the Plone
project from the perspective of contributors checking in code to the Plone
code repository during the last 8 years. Thanks to Chris Calloway for
putting it together and Alex Limi for Tweeting about it.

Watch the code swarm here:

This might make a cool demo to show WPD attendees how Plone is a mature
product, has stood the test of time and has more contributors than Drupal
and Joomla combined:

275 contributors to Plone -
48 contributors to Joomla -
22 contributors to Drupal -
33 contributors to Typo3 -
17 contributors to Wordpress -
7 contributors to Xoops -

Someone want to make up a chart of those #'s and include it with the World
Plone Day slide deck?

Btw, searching for "CMS" on brings up 513 hits, so it's no wonder
people are confused when they have to choose an open source CMS. There are
so many choices!


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