Jon Stahl wrote:
> I think it's good to emphasize how open and collaborative the community
> is, but wise to avoid direct comparisons with competitors, because it is a
> bit of "apples and oranges" due to different community management
> structures.

+1 to Jon's comments (I drafted this message last night …)

Gerry Kirk-3 wrote:
> Only 22 Drupal contributors?

<> suggests: 

> Over the past twelve months, only 3 developers contributed new code


> Over the entire history of the project, 10 developers have contributed

<> counts 22. 

At <> a reviewer comments: 

> stats are wrong, because many developers contribute to Drupal, but only a
> few developers have necessary rights to commit code into Drupal core
> repositories. This ensures a very high quality in Drupal's core code base.

The 10 ≠ 22 discrepancy remains unexplained. 


For Plone at <> we might add a
comparable review, with reference to
and/or simply highlight:

 * Release Manager 
  — one elected individual

 * Framework team
  — currently five individuals
  — <>.


Drupal gains a community rating of 4.3/5.0 
based on 111 user ratings. 111/280 = ratings from ~39% of Drupal users at

Plone gains a community rating of 4.3/5.0 
based on 61 user ratings. 61/107 = ratings from ~57% of Plone users at


<> notes:

> Over the last twelve months, Plone has seen a substantial decline in
> development activity … Ohloh makes this determination by comparing total
> number of commits made by all developers during the most recent twelve
> months with the same figure for the twelve months before that. The number
> of developers and total lines of code are not considered.

The April/May 2006 burst is remarkable in the videos mentioned at 
<> but that's
more than 24 months ago so the perceived decline is probably attributable to
other factors. 

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