Thanks, Nate.  I was not aware of that feature--it looks pretty cool.  I'll
be sure to try that the next time I'm requesting info.  

As it stands, we now (WPD+4) have 15 responses out of 60 WPD venues.  493
confirmed attendees.  That's an average of almost 33 attendees per venue. 
If one extrapolates to 60 sites, that's 1972 visitors(!).  Largest event so
far:  128 people attending the WPD at Brasilia, Brazil.  (Tip o' the hat to
whoever added the summary formulae to the spreadsheet.)  

Any way you slice the numbers, WPD was a success, especially considering it
was our first go at this.  

For those of you who hosted an event and haven't submitted results, kindly
We're accumulating some really useful textual lessons-learned as well as raw
attendance numbers.  


Nate Aune wrote:
> Karl - do you know about the forms feature that is new with Google  
> Spreadsheets? This might be a more simple and safe way to collect the  
> data than having folks edit the raw table cells.
> Nate
> --

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