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The name "Ploney Award" has been floating around for years and its "purposefully awful®" sound is part of what makes it so endearing.

It's actually spelled "the Plonies" (as in "the Grammies"), and yes — we have been discussing this for years. Having the official name be "the Plone Awards" is probably a good idea, though. Then we can refer to it as the Plonies inside the community.

It just lacks a person to own it — should be a simple matter of identifying some categories, set up a timely survey with some good candidates (as well as a freeform option) before the conference, and keep it a secret until it's announced at the conference.

Oh, and an awesome Plonies statuette for the winners, of course. ;)

Personally, my opinion is that it shouldn't be a simple popularity contest, but rather be used as the basis from where the winners are selected by the judges. This would make it more like the Oscars/Grammies too — and make it possible to put the spotlight on people/project that get less attention that they perhaps should have. :)

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