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I guarantee you this wasn't a republished press release. Some NY-based Drupal member made a personal connection to the NYTimes reporter and successfully "pitched" the story.
I'm not opposed to us doing more/ better press releases, but press releases 
alone will not be sufficient.  We need to identify and build relationships with 
specific individuals in the media.


I totally agree with you Jon. In our case we got WPD 2008 published in 3 or 4 medias in Argentina. From that number, the half were published through journalist we met before WPD. The other half were people who met previous WPD and we used WPD as an excuse to establish relationship with them and of course, we keep in touch. That's one of the reason on a event like WPD, you've an excuse to meet new people, among other things.

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R. inviting you to join WPD 2009! :D


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