Hello everyone,

At the Plone Conference DC sprint we continued working on coming up up with materials for Plone elevator pitches. Eventually it would be great to create some text and video pitches for Plone.

But first we need some discussion on the "message".

A pitch like this is designed to be short <=2m for times when you don't have long to make a favorable impression and build some interest.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to influence decision making. So let's help make sure Plone has an easy-to-explain and consistent message in this medium as well.

Before we start writing though let's get some ideas flowing about who needs information about Plone, what their values are and how Plone can fulfill those values.

Target Roles: Developers, Managers, Web Admins, any others?
Target Sectors: Government, Enterprise, Non-Profit, etc., others ?

Help answer these questions for the roles above:

For <sector>/ group :

1. The top pain points they face are ...
2. Plone provides these solutions for that pain: ...
3. Plone also provides these things which people value:
4. Some people say bad things about Plone which we will address:
5. The outcome we want is (eg download, ask for more info, etc):

Your help is requested to develop answers to these questions for as many roles/sectors as possible.

I will summarize the results in the Plone Marketing pages.



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