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Is it possible to get access to the data used in creating your "Plone
Positioning"  chart?  I've done hundreds  of these over the years and
would like to try to get at the heart of your message.

It's based on a similar one used in an elcom presentation. I don't know how accurate that one was but not very in regard to open source CMS's. I added the extra axis about community OSS and put Plone on the chart.
I was would appreciate any further information to make it more accurate.


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On 21 Apr 2009, at 11:58, Graham Perrin wrote:

On the subject of intersecting lines and subway maps: at
<http://www.akasig.org/2003/12/11/zope-and-plone-learning- roadmap/>
a learning-oriented graphic. It's old (2003) but still, I found it very
appealing ( http://www.diigo.com/05kox highlights ).

Also, (and I'm not sure if this was in Dylan's original email) there is
the CMS Watch Vendor Map:


Hey thanks I just put that into my presentation next to this positioning
slide I just made.

Much more simplistic but thats the idea.

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