Nate Aune wrote:

> others have suggested to use "wpd2009" as it is short (good for twitter),
> but the one we used last year was "worldploneday2008", and i think it's
> good to maintain some consistency. also, no where in "wpd2009" is the word
> "plone", so this tag means nothing to an outsider.
> i therefore propose that we use the tag:
> "worldploneday2009"
> Presentations:
> Tweets:

I've been running the worldploneday Twitter account. I've set up to automatically tweet stuff coming from and For the later, 
#worldploneday2009 should get automatically added (I haven't seen that 
happen yet but that's how I configured it). Updates occur every 30 minutes 
and 5 tweets at a time.

Not sure how well all this will work. If you have any suggestions, please 
let me know. 


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