Hi Chris, and all on the list:

A new "Tune-Ups" event subsection has been created at:

Please visit it to get information about past and upcoming Tune-Ups. Or go to http://plone-tuneup.ning.com/, the official website for Plone Tune-Ups.

This coming Friday, we are planning on having a marketing Tune-Up on the following topics: * Put together a final list of all upcoming events Plone should be represented at (include as much info as possible: booth fee, admission ticket, expected number of exhibitors and attendees, etc.)
 * Finalize the Plone logo usage guidelines

As a reminder, we have scheduled a short conference call to coordinate our upcoming Friday Marketing Tune-Up work on WEDNESDAY, MAY 13TH at NOON EDT.

Chris, do you think you can make the pre Tune-Up call to elaborate on the Plone-salesforce.com work you want to do, and how it relates to promoting Plone in general?

Thank you,
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On May 10, 2009, at 4:47 PM, Christopher Johnson wrote:

Hi all,

I'm planning to work on Plone-salesforce.com marketing during the Tune Up marketing time on Friday. A couple items/suggestions:

1. Can someone (Gabrielle?) put a permanent place on the plone.org site that talks about (a) what tune ups are and (b) where to go for info on them (this is suggestion based on lots of unhelpful noise in google searching for info on tune up).

2. Can you let me know when that page exists so I can figure out where to go for the next Tune Up :D

We had some great progress at the NTEN conference on booth presence as well as opportunities with the Salesforce.com Foundation. I'm going to work to keep that going and invite anyone who wants to join in to participate on Friday. Feel free to let me know if you plan to participate so we can plan some overlapping collaboration time.


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