Hi All:

Just a reminder that we are having our Marketing Prep Call today to coordinate our upcoming Marketing Tune Up effort this coming Friday.

Please use the following instructions to call:

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Calling from a regular phone:
Calling from the US: 1-605-475-8500: (long distance costs apply).
Calling from outside the US: +16054758500 (intl.costs apply)

Conference room number 5675713

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To be the moderator press * after you enter the conference room
number. Your Moderator Pin is : 8521297)

From Skype (the Skype connection sucks. It is much better to use
Skype-out or similar to call the US number and pay a bit)
* call to be a participant Skype number:+99008275675713
* call to be the moderator: Skype number:+99008278521297
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Thank you,
Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker
S i x  F e e t  U p ,  I n c .  |  http://www.sixfeetup.com
Phone: +1 (317) 861-5948 x601
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