Thanks for the update.  I see Mark also responded off list overnight. 
Considering the current time frame (Budapest is sooner than one would like
to think), I have to agree that we probably should scale the 1st Awards back
so we can guarantee a successful maiden voyage and a repeat, if expanded,
performance in 2010.  Fewer categories?  Simplified self-nomination?  

Let's talk this week with Mark (and others, if they can join us) and get
definitive answers to your questions about process.  Tuesday, Thursday, and
Friday are best days to catch me.  Wednesday is the best evening.

matt_fisher wrote:
> Hey Karl,
> I can sort of only vaguely respond to this :)
> The BoFs were on Thursday after a long day, and I thought it might be  
> a good idea to start the BoF combined with the Evangelism group since  
> the folks who showed interest in Awards also signed up for the  
> Evangelism BoF.

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