Thanks for the feedback. It's very valuable to hear an outside perspective. However I'm not 100% I understand what you are staying.

Are you saying that it is hard for you to understand what plone does and how you can use it from initial reading of Do you consider yourself a web developer who wants to make many websites or someone who just wants one up and going really quickly?

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On 10/11/2009, at 3:23 AM, Carsten Sapporo <> wrote:

After a literal 6 year absence (at the time -- was just shopping) I have
decided to give plone a full try along with python.

After coming from a perl/php background I wanted to go towards the famous
"rails" with it's MVO but django caught my eye.

However, after going here and there within the ruby world ... I was getting frustrated with the lack of coherency in the rails community. But Django was
not much better. Which brought me to plone.

Now, guys ... why is php guy here and not in rails?

I came here with the hope of finding the proverbial "all roads point to
Oodles of plugins / themes and bits of code.

I read through a couple of the threads in this section of the forums. Ok,
so I'm an outside and have  no idea what sprints are and what not
tech-no-lingua you'all find catchy.

Before you turn off to what I have written ... take a second and think about
what I'm trying to provoke.

Rails got the idea really simple with their basecamp and other apps.

Apple's IPhone

I am not trying to provoke a OS/App/Language war, but rather there are a lot
of sweet stuff out their that could be brought in here.

Trying to hob-nob with the big boys is fun IF you are trying to reach that
Actually, I'll stop here and ask:

1.) what is the solution you are providing?
2.) what is the concept that you are providing?

KISS friends :-)
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