What type of shop do you run or work at, and where are you located?

It'd be great to get more user/adopter/designer/developer user stories out there by way of interview/ustream/youtube. There's been a lot of FUD put out there by the PHP-ers of the world about how difficult Plone was to get ramped up with. They leave out that PHP is the only scripting technology that they know and that Plone doesn't use PHP, of course.

Anyhow, if you can do a self-produced video/screencast of the things you've found that Plone makes easy that you haven't found in other tools, it would be so powerful in getting the word out. This type of message from Plone integrators just doesn't carry as much weight.

Ken Wasetis

Norman Fournier wrote:
On 2009-12-08, at 11:33 PM, Alexander Limi wrote:

Also, TCO usually means "we couldn't find any other way to justify the cost of our product, and we're taking a beating in the market right now, so we made up* this totally arbitrary calculation that shows our competitor as being harder to use / weird to set up / too communist."

* aka. "paid a company to make charts"

At least that's what usually happens when Microsoft starts touting TCO numbers. ;)

Alexander Limi ยท <>

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 8:27 PM, Ken Wasetis [Contextual Corp.] < <>> wrote:


    I had mentioned this Sharepoint cost calculator link when adding
    to Francesco's blog post comparing Plone and Sharepoint too.
     Besides the cost factor, it couldn't hurt you to re-read his
    (two-part?) blog post regarding the Plone vs. Sharepoint

    I had helped a for-profit university evaluate commercial CMS
    tools a few years ago and they chose RedDot.  At the time, the
    price for their .Net-based CMS plus their Java-based personalized
    portal delivery engine, plus a 'Quick Start' where a small
    portion of the website was themed/implemented was to run about
    $330K in US$.

    Teamsite was in that evaluation as well, and their offering is
    broken up into many modules, so it's harder to compare, but this
    client would have paid a bit more for what they needed from IWOV
    than what the RedDot (now OpenText) price was, even.  Probably
    not a lot more, though.

    Seems like the bigger players such as
    Autonomy/Interwoven/Teamsite, OpenText/Vignette, etc. are in the
    350-500K US$ range by the time you buy licenses for not only your
    production servers, but also development and/or staging.

    Not to mention that the per-hour integrator rates I was seeing
    were in the $175+/hr range US$, which is 30-40% more than most
    Plone shops will charge.

    Plus, you should build a comparison that looks at year 2, 3, etc.
     With the commercial tools, the client will be paying 20%/year of
    license cost just to keep up with patches/upgrades, no on-site
    services, just emergency support, access to the online knowledge
    base, forums, etc.
    If you do a 3-year Total Cost of Ownership comparison, I can't
    imagine the other tools, even Sharepoint, coming close to Plone
    on a financial basis, but others would disagree.


    Nate Aune wrote:

        i don't know about Reddot or Teamsite, but the Sharepoint
        calculator can be used to determine the total cost of
        ownership if you have to buy all the user licenses and
        software licenses for the other dependent Microsoft products.

        found via Cynapse blog:


        On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 9:05 PM, Virginia Choy
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Does anyone have any documentation about total cost of
           or general cost comparisons between deploying Plone,
           Teamsite,, RedDot or any other proprietary enterprise

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Plone has been shown to be the least expensive web dev environment of all, save raw xhtml and css, at least for me, if only based on getting the job done. All promises look inexpensive until the rubber hits the road. Based on comparisons between custom apps developed jsp and plone, plone is bar none the hands down winner as far as speed to the gate and working features. No comparison.

I have fired all web-dev and do it using plone. It is hard to impress how significant this capacity is, for a designer, being able to even program a form without contracting a programmer. What a significant hurdle that simple function presents.

Plone has shown it gets the job done, vanilla. Many discussions on the plone-user list regarding deployment issues turn out moot or redundant. Plone is great software. For comparison, Codeigniter offer a Zope-like interface into lamphp but lacks a graphical ttw plone-like interface, which I intuitively know to be significant but am unable to articulate the manifold advantages this gives plone. But I know if offers another context in which to interface with and manipulate the Zope Object DataBase, a development context that Codigniter appears to lack. I focus on Codeigniter as LAMP seems to be taking over the web.


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