Had a customer presentation on Friday and we gave a new pitch on what Plone's key competitive advantages are (in this case for intranets). Thought I'd share it in case it's helpful to others.

Following from Matt's recent "flexibility" ads we said Plone's uniqueness is flexibility in three different dimensions making the its flexibility greater than the sum of its parts. Flexibility makes Plone a kind of intranet construction kit where the "elevator goes all the way up".

1. Theme and branding
- because it's a "web" content management system that gets used for public sites
2. Workflow, permissions and hierarchy
- because of it's "smart file system" data model. Ability to delegate responsibility in different ways.
3. Functionality and plugins.
- because of viewlets, portlets, content rules, content types, ZTK etc - allow third party functionality that slips nicely into Plone's UI. Plone's equivalent of the app store - 3000 plugins.

Open source is I guess another dimension to the flexibility but we didn't really go into that as much, e.g. no license restrictions to encumber roll out.

Dylan Jay, Plone Solutions Manager

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