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In addition, I think we are to much focussed on the functionality and not enough on the customer benefit when explaining Plone. Beside that, can we paint a picture of our customer? What are the issues he wants to resolve or
avoid? From there we can position Plone in the right manner for this
particular customer.

Note the original email stated the customer being pitched to was a corporate needing an intranet. y.

Personally I have always found it very hard to sell to customers on
functionality or competitive advantages. It was less difficult when
focussing on the benefits that we could give them.

The benefit to them was that plone wouldn't be a dead end due to it;s flexibility.

I get the strong impression we are struggling with our positioning and our
value proposition.

Further on, is branding and theming a benefit? Any decent CMS out there

It is in the context of a corporate intranet. Not everyone wants to customise or localise the UI of an out of the box intranet but if they did, many of competing "intranet" products don't allow this as easily. e.g. sharepoint.

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