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Am 12.07.2010 um 11:23 schrieb Geir Bækholt · Jarn:
[Membership] Should Plone specify GPL 2 as its license?
> Both current options have advantages and disadvantages. Alex Clark  
> is right: This is complex stuff, — and it is legal stuff that most  
> of us don't like to dig too deeply into the details of.

The digging into legal stuff is complex stuff, but without  
documentation you are lost. So I split this off into a separate thread.

Today I stumbled over:

ISO/IEC 19770-1 Software Asset Management Processes

This standard (maybe initiated by the software industry aka Adobe  
etc.) aims at companies catching the serious risks:
- beeing sued due to buyware software licence infringement by not  
matching payed licences with the install situation.
- not knowing what install to fix if a security issue comes up and  
needs action.

As you see in the presentation linked above (and already know) ,  
Software Asset Management has serious benefits for everyone using  
software. Commercial or OpenSource. Remember the time prior to  
buildout etc.

Like the ISO9000ff, ISO/IEC 19770 is not a rule but a guideline how to  
document processes related to used software.

Maybe documentation of our  Open Source Licenses involved in an  
installed or used infrastructure can learn from this unintentionally.

If buildout can be enhanced to write licence-reports on an install it  
could be a good starting point to check the licence state of your  

Marketing activities can promote the documentation quality of the  
licence model of the Plone Core.

Matching standards without handcuffs can open doors in the enterprise  

Enhancing buildout for these purposes is beyond my scope. Addressing  
this topic can be both: "Open pandoras box" or "Another step for FOSS  


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