We've now passed the one week mark for 4.0rc1, and have yet to hit a blocker 
that'd prevent us from calling it a final release. I'd like to delay a bit to 
get a few more testers in and to give everyone a chance to finalize the 
marketing around 4.0.

I have a belated rc1 announcement at  
http://plone.org/plone-4-reaches-release-candidate-status. I'd appreciate 
suggestions. I'll also be sending out an email to the product-developers list 
to remind them to get their products ready for Plone 4.

http://plone.org/products/plone/features/4/ is still largely unfinished. What 
other marketing pieces need to be finished up (and how long might it take)? I 
can hold off on the release until mid week, but I'd hate to push it past that.

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