Hi all-

Congrats on a great Plone 4 launch, everyone!  We're getting great
uptake, and it's great to see so many of you tweeting up a storm.
Keep it up!

Just wanted to also encourage those of you who blog to write a bit
about why you're so excited about Plone 4, and what it means to you,
your organization, your clients.

I took my stab at this: http://jstahl.org/2331

It would be great to see a steady drumbeat of pieces like this over
the next few weeks, as well as a steady stream of tweets.


PS Carol at Six Feet Up just reported to the plone-devs list that
http://demo.plone.org will be back with Plone 4 by September 10th, so
that will be a really nice thing to point folks at.

Jon Stahl
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