Hi all,

congrats to the Plone 4 release team. That was great news! A long way to
a really great release. And we have a great show on plone.org about the
features of Plone 4.

But I have to complain, that these texts wasn't sent to national user
groups or national contacts in advance to have translated marketing
texts ready on the day of the release.

I can only start now with the translation of the texts from
http://plone.org/products/plone/features/ because I hadn't access to it
before. This should be improved in the future. Why do we have a mailing
list about evangelism when we never see the text in advance?

Guys, there are people out there, who do not speak English or who would
like to read about the great nice features of Plone in their own language.

Take a look at the translation team. Even in the end, when time was
short as ever, all translators had time to finish their translations to
have it in the final release. Thanks to Vincent who is doing a great job
coordinating the wild bunch of translators.


Jan Ulrich Hasecke
DZUG e.V. (Deutschsprachige Zope User Group)

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