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Apple is using the Family of "The Kings of Cats" for nearly a decade to
keep permanent "Tension" for the new.

And I just went to an Ubuntu release party for "Natty Narwhal" last night, too, complete with a Narwhal cake. I don't know why, but that cheesy stuff works even with the cool kids. Look what renaming it "Pyramid" did for BFG. Same shit, different day. But now everybody is talking about Pyramid and how it's not made by aliens. I'm beginning to believe that web, uh, "solution" wars are destined to be won by the most shamelessly self-promotional.

So I make a suggestion to rename future minor releases after Galaxies.
To boldly go...


Although, most galaxies have names like "NGC 1369." And the limited number of ones that do have common names are not that exciting or have weird associations:


Maybe naming after constellations might yield better choices:


Plone has always had release code names, including ones for the cool kids (although I'm not sure how cool Kyuss was. :) But the code names were pretty much only familiar to the developers.

I'm not sure when Plone 5 comes along, being so radically different from the previous Plones, that maybe the whole thing shouldn't be renamed to get away from all the baggage of the past. The downside is the great investment in the Plone brand. Whatever the associations, at least the Plone name is well known.

But I would look forward to the release of "Sagittarius" aka Plone 5. :)

Some problems... There are constellations which are already brand names: Hercules, aforementioned Phoenix. There are some crappy constellation names: Cancer, Lupus. "Traditional" astronomical names are Greco-centric, ignoring that there are also long lists of both Arabic and Chinese astronomical names.

It's possible that star names might yield an ever better pool of names:


The WPD in Germany this year, for example, was medium successful because
we had local holidays. If we use a graphical overview over such data for
planning we can avoid this for single Events. The other solution is to
spread the local WPDs over one month to generate more constant noise. So
the failure leads to improving by review. Lets use Plone to manage it,
and tell the story LOUD.

It should possibly be World Plone *Month* (e.g., April), giving local groups more latitude as to what day of the month is best for them. I think there would be better participation from local groups if the day itself wasn't imposed from above. It sounds good in theory to say that people all over the world will be doing WPD all on the same day. But only if that's actually the case.


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