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Dear Listas:

I have been on the Mac platform ever since it began so many years ago....

I am in the custom publishing business based in Chicago and work virtually
exclusively in sales, chasing leads from trade shows, phone calls, internet
inquiries, etc.  My customers are all unique and sometimes require extensive
hand holding and communication to complete the transactions including phone,
letter, UPS, FEDEX, email, etc.  Keeping track of all the communication has
become a nightmare.  As always, in any business, the customer is KING.

I have been looking for a Contact Manager software solution for the Mac for
some time now.  I see that there are many good ones for the PC and I have
even gone so far to download the test copies for PC such as Maximizer 7 from
Multiactive Software of Vancouver, CN.  It is reasonable priced at $189.00
(they have over 4 million copies sold).  The problem is having it work on a
Mac which means going through Virtual PC and then Windows which really slows
the system down.  I have also looked at Act! and Outlook, and they are both
toys compared to Maximizer.  I am in the process of moving to Sys X and am
adding a lot of horsepower in terms of RAM and speed with an accelerator
card for my G3.  I really hate to get involved with PC's - they are a total

There are other solutions available for the Mac but the prices are $2500
(even $10,000+) and higher and also include high monthly maintenance.  I
have also looked at BIZ Basics "Contactz" from Working Solutionz (A
Filemaker version) in California, but there are no humans working at the
company that will answer a phone.  Does anyone have any experience with
Working Solutionz software?  Their total package sells for $1400 and they
break out their contact manager at $150 but I can't as yet determine if it
really works, separated from their main module.  Does anyone know of any
other possibilities?  I have also looked at Safariguide but it is also
expensive ($2500+) with high fixed monthly maintenance.

I just want a broad based contact manager similar to Maximizer for the Mac
without having to pay a fortune.  I have noticed some other inquiries in the
past about this and not too much in response feedback.  Perhaps the question
wasn't asked or phrased correctly.  I will give summaries back to the list
on what I learn, as I think that this is a growing problem in need of a
solution.  Filemaker is great, but not when the solution is $2500 and
higher.  The PC versions (as good as Safari) are less than $200 and since
the Macs can run circles around the PC's, then there must be some solution
out there somewhere.

Thanks in advance for the response as I know it will be excellent.

Morton Johnson

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