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MACWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Mac-gaming enters new era

By Jonny Evans

UK technology firm Coderus has announced its innovative games-development
solution, MacDX. 

MacDX could usher-in a new wave of Mac software-development ­ it brings
DirectX support to the Mac. Ninety per cent of PC and Xbox games titles use
the technology. 

DirectX is a suite of multimedia APIs (Application Program Interfaces)
built-into Windows operating systems. It has become a standard development
tool for Windows-based software ­ PCs and Xbox, for example. The technology
offers developers access to specialized hardware features without the need
to write hardware-specific code. It drives graphics and sound for software
and hardware solutions such as joysticks. Effectively, DirectX is the
equivalent of Applešs OpenGL and Sprocket technology.

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*9/11/2001*  We will never forget -

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