That's a really good question.

Mmm tricky yea good question to get this to work you would need to modify
your object as well as created a modified event and then modify the
EventController -that's to much modifying!

instead of that probably the easiest way to get around it is not to send
more things to the event just store the information in the object that is
triggering the event and then in the event get the info

function onEvent(e:Event):void{

then you don't need to change anything in the flow right now there is no
way to add extra parameters into the EventController but it can be added in
really easy its just not there for file size constrains (wanted to keep the
file as small as possible)
if you perffer working with passing parameters you would need to update a
nice amount of things - let me know if option 1 didn't work for you if it
didn't i can create an alternative EventController for you but i think the
way it is is probably easier as you wouldn't need to change any classes on
your end.


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On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 3:29 AM, Devon <> wrote:

> Hey, how would I go about sending an object with the event? For example, I
> may want to send an event about a player scoring to update a scoreboard -
> how would I send the new score along with the event?
> Thanks!
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