Hi Team

Thanks for setting this list up Gabor

I am president of the Open Source Developers' Club - which started as YAPC::AU, 
and then grew, adding PHP, Python and others until it became OSDC.

This year, although OSDC seemed to be a success, it really missed promoting the 
roots - If you look at the YAPC list - http://www.yapc.org/old-events.html - 
you won't even see it there.

This is a bit of an oversight. I think we spent so much time concentrating on 
the collaborative part, that we forgot to promote the individual parts.

It probably depends a lot on the individual conference organisers (I am now the 
president of the parent group - mainly we are looking after the money and 
choosing the next conference).

Anyway, OSDC has run for 6 years in Australia and 11 conferences globally - so 
the formulae is working nicely. We would encourage to you to use, steal, 
borrow, collaborate with us.

        http://www.osdcon.org/ (lots of changes about to happen here)
        http://www.osdc.com.au/ (really the Australian specific site now)

But mainly I am emailing because I know that next year I want to personally 
promote Perl more, in one form or another. Thus making sure it is not lost when 
non-Perl people run the conference.


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