I'd like to welcome everyone to the new events mailing list

The objective of this list is to
1) get Perl related content on non-perl specific events
2) get content to Perl events from project that were not yet involved

The former means conferences and fairs such as OSDC, OSCON
that already have lots of Perl content through FOSDEM,
the Web 2.0 expo http://ignitenyc.tumblr.com/, http://fscons.org/
(where there were perl talks) and even CeBIT which is a large hi-tech
fair in Hannover, Germany.

The latter means projects such as Bugzilla, OTRS or LedgerSMB.
Though there might have been talks from some of these earlier
but I don't think they are strongly represented on YAPCs
and Perl Workshops.

The emphasize is on the first objective as it was also suggested
by Salve J. Nilsen (the Oslo.pm guy)

I hope people from all over the world will suggest events
(conferences, workshops, unconferences, fairs etc.) where the
content is related things that Perl can solve.

We can then discuss who will represent Perl on those events and
how can it be done. We will try to find a budget for certain expenses.
e.g. preparing and giving away a CD or DVD or a wooden round tuit
or... we need more ideas here.

We will need to prepare those give-away things.
We will need to be in touch with the organizers.

e.g. can we have a booth or stand for Perl?
can we put our promotional material in the conference bag?


Gabor Szabo                     http://szabgab.com/

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