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Date: Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 9:39 PM
Subject: [OBF] BOSC 2010 Request for Input
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Dear O|B|F Member,

BOSC 2010 is currently in the planning stages. It will be held for 2
days in conjunction with the 18th Annual International Conference on
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2010) in Boston,
Massachusetts, USA. The dates of BOSC 2010 are July 9-10; the main
ISMB Conference runs July 11-13, 2010.  The BOSC 2010 web site can be
accessed here:  http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/BOSC_2010.

The BOSC organizing committee is writing you to solicit input on the
planning of BOSC 2010 so that we can make it a successful and
productive conference for the O|B|F community.  You may respond with
your suggestions to this e-mail or add suggestions to the BOSC 2010
talk/discussion wiki page at:
http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/Talk:BOSC_2010.  Please respond to any or
all of the questions below:

1.  For the last several years BOSC has consisted mainly of one or two
keynote presentations, other talks chosen from among the submitted
abstracts organized into sessions by topic, updates from the Bio*
projects, Lightning Talks, and informal Birds of a Feather sessions.
Would you rather see BOSC continue in this fashion, or would you
support changing the format to one or all of the following:

--Tutorials where there were in depth demonstrations and code
tutorials. This could be lead off by the OBF projects instead of the
traditional update talks, but could feature any open source projects
interested. These would be hands on sessions with real code examples,
with a focus on teaching people how to leverage various code bases to
make real life work easier.  Would you be willing to organize/lead
such a session for your project?

--Discussion following the hands on tutorials, these would be
interactive sessions focused around dealing with unsolved issues. The
"speaker" would be responsible for setting up a set of discussion
topics around an issue of interest, and then facilitating ideas and
opinions from the attendees. The goals would be to talk through
problems and gather a consensus about options for solving them.  Would
you be willing to organize/lead such a session for your project?

--Mini-hackathon either before, during, or after the 2-day BOSC.  The
subject of the hackathon would need to be organized by the individual
project leaders/teams.  Some suggestions would be adding/extending
support for next-gen sequencing; organizing bugs/tasks so that new
beginners can start contributing to the project easily and working on
some of those bugs/tasks; organizing some type of contest like the
Genome Annotation Assessment Project (GASP) where solutions from
different projects compete on arriving at some type of goal.  Would
you be willing to organize/lead this type of session?

--Organizing/creating a LiveCD or Debian download of Bio* projects
with documentation to support outreach to the larger bioinformatics
community.  Would you be willing to organize/lead this type of

--What session topics would you like to see represented for traditional talks?

--Who would you like to hear as a keynote speaker?

2.  The BOSC 2010 organizing committee is in discussion with an open
access journal to publish a formal Proceedings for BOSC.  If you are
planning on submitting an abstract for BOSC 2010, are you interested
in submitting a more formal paper to the BOSC proceedings, given that
as the author you would need to pay the page charges that could run
between US$500-1000?  We are likely to move ahead with plans to have a
proceedings, but it would be helpful to know how many submissions to

3.  Call for volunteers.  Organizing tutorial/hackathons and such will
only be possible if individuals step forward to lead these sessions.
Please let us know if you would be willing to serve in any capacity.
We also need volunteers to review abstracts for the more "traditional"
sessions, please let us know if you are willing to do this as well.

Timeline:  We are planning on putting out the Call for Abstracts in
mid-January.  To be on track, we would like to receive your input by
Friday, January 8.  If you are willing to step forward to organize a
tutorial/discussion/hackathon, you would need to commit by that time,
although there would still be some more time to put the actual program
together in the new year.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Kam Dahlquist
Chair, BOSC 2010

on behalf of the BOSC 2010 Organizing committee:

Brad Chapman
Michael Heur
Darin London
Anton Nekrutenko
Steffen Moeller
Jim Procter

And the O|B|F Board

Chris Dagdigian
Nomi Harris
Hilmar Lapp
Jason Stajich

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