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during the last days I've talked to one of the LoCo Germany (this is a Ubuntu community group - see my last mail) members. He recommended to have a group of at least 6 - 8 persons for the booth. So each day 1 or 2 persons can "relax" what seems to be needed as the CeBit is a week of pure stress.

And the stand shouldn't be too technical. The target group of the CeBit are decision makers. And these people do not want to know how smat matching or something like this works. They want to know what can be done in Perl and why should they use Perl. So we should have a booth design that respects these needs.

I would propose this concept:

We could feature one Perl related project each day (or two days). These projects should be "business proved" like OTRS (http://otrs.org) or Foswiki (http://foswiki.org). This doesn't mean that we should show only these projects on these days, but we could show demosystems, videos or similar stuff.

I've talked with some people from OTRS and they would like to support us. And the ((otrs)) Inc. is at the CeBit, too. They offered to show posters for our booth in their booth.

I would ask the Foswiki people, too.

I have these projects in mind:

 * Padre
 * Foswiki
 * TPF
 * ...

I got the recommendation, that we should use this opportunity to ask for funds for TPF.

What we would need for CeBit:

    -> brochures
        + 8 pages with Perl content
    -> flyer
        + a very brief overview of resources
        + 1 DIN-A4 page folded
        + maybe adapt flyer from other events (OSCON)
    -> TPF banner?
    -> posters
        -> who uses perl?
        -> ...
    -> projector? (do we show something)
    -> laptop? (for the presentations)
    -> CDs?
    -> wooden round tuits?
    -> "baseball" cards?
    -> coffee mugs? (to sell - profit for TPF)

We would need to discuss, who pays for what...

Gabor, do you know the size of our booth?

The Ubuntu guy said, that they have two chairs and a small table in the back of the booth. That would be for discussions with interested people. In the front they have one or two tables for giveaways.

I would propose that we create a shirt for the booth staff.

Any thoughts about my ideas? Who will attend CeBit? Should I ask german Perlmongers?

- Renée

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