Gabor Szabo schrieb:
This is the request I received from the CeBIT contact person.
While we applied as "Perl" we are going to present a number of projects.
I think the descriptions we provide to CeBIT should include both a general
text about Perl - the language - and text about each individual project we
are going to be able to represent.


I'll need lots of help in this, both because I am not familiar with
many projects
and because my writing skills in English aren't that good.
Also I am not sure, but I think adding a German version to the text would make a
lot of sense.

I can translate the text when we have a final version in english.

So which Perl project wants to be represented? Will you send a project member to
represent it or would you help one of the participants to get up-to
speed to show a
demo and explain the benefits of your product/project?

I can present OTRS and I can answer the questions with OTRS' point of view :-) I can forward the questions to the Foswiki people. They just sent me an email (one hour ago) that the would like to present Foswiki at our Cebit stand.

- Renée

ps. I am going to blog about this soon, but I'd be happy if you
already forwarded
my request and the list of questions to the project(s) you are involved with.

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