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From: Karen Pauley <ka...@martian.org>
Date: 2010/1/21
Subject: Re: FOSDEM give-aways etc.
To: Rich Sands <r...@rsandsconsulting.com>

2010/1/19 Rich Sands <r...@rsandsconsulting.com>:

> 4) How to pay for this stuff. *** Karen? Ovid? Does the reusable banner come 
> out of a different > pot of $? I am willing to front the cost if I will be 
> reimbursed quickly.

I am not sure if TPF will pay for the banner out of a different pot.
The amount you are asking for is under the $500 requested so TPF will
reimburse these costs.  (I will try to get the money for the banner
from a different pot.)

Rich, send me an email to ka...@perlfoundation.org with details so
that the payment can be made to you.

All the best,


P.S. I am travelling until the middle of February.  If anyone needs to
get in touch with me in a hurry it is better to send an email to me
directly as when I have a limited amount of time online I read those
messages before I read mailing lists.

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