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> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 04:23:26PM +0200, Gabor Szabo wrote:
>> >
>> > The previous "Saint Perl" happened on Dec 18, 2009. I couldn't find
>> > any information about Saint Perl 2 on yapcrussia.
>> Andy.sh gave me that info. (BTW I think the date of the Russian
>> workshop in your calendar is
>> not correct)
> Guess what? Andy.sh gave me that info. (Feb 19) :-)
> It seems to have changed though, since the website says Feb 20.
> Fixed.
> By the way, the YAPC Europe web page (http://www.yapceurope.org/) has
> all the information about future Perl conferences that I know of. It's
> automatically generated, and produces an iCal calendar too.
> I just need to be kept informed.

Yes indeed.

My feeling is that part of the problem is that people don't know where
to send such info
and in some cases and for some of "our websites" the maintainers are not always
responsive. So people give up.

I am not sure how to improve the situation as I can understand the
maintainers can
be busy at times. Maybe sharing the load among several people will
improve the situation.
Also I think it is not clear who is responsible for which web site and
who has the rights
to update certain web site.

>> > April 10-12, Perl QA Hackathon, Vienna, Austria, no web site yet
>> On the conferences list Tux wrote this:
>> "Which is on invitation only, so please do not promote beyond the normal
>> channels. With a maximum of about 20 attendees, it's squeezing already"
>> so I left it out even though we might want to mention it for general 
>> promotional
>> purposes but make it clear the registration is closed already.
> Oh, a conferences list. Can you point me to the place where I should
> subscribe? That way I can keep myself informed.

It's another one of the secret perl mailing lists :-)

You really surprised me with that comment.

Here it is:



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