Hi Rich,

I'll bring along some power strips and some table cloth and tape.
Binders => Good Thinking! Belgian Lace however might be so 2009 :p

Cheers and thanks a lot.


2010/2/2 Rich Sands <r...@rsandsconsulting.com>:
> All,
> Erik has received the Round Tuits. The banners and stand, and postcards 
> should arrive tomorrow.
> The one thing I did not buy and send is the table drape, as sending anything 
> textile through customs can be a nightmare. Can someone in Belgium pick this 
> up? The table is 2 meters wide, 1 meter deep. Any inexpensive tablecloth will 
> do. If you have a choice of colors, I'd try to get something close to the 
> "Perl onion" color, or alternatively, a contrasting medium-warm brown color. 
> Something that clashes with the onion would probably not be as good. White is 
> always an option but it gets dirty quickly. Of course, there is always 
> Belgian lace.... ;)
> I also recommend bringing along several of the heavy-duty metal paper binder 
> clips that you can use to secure the tablecloth if necessary. You probably 
> won't need those but if for some reason the tablecloth tends to slip off 
> easily, the binder clips come in very handy. Also, based on my past 
> experiences at FOSDEM, power strips may not be supplied, so if you plan to 
> plug in your laptops etc. you might want to bring along a power strip and 
> extension cord.
> Looking forward to seeing pictures of the stand at FOSDEM and reports on how 
> things go!
> Cheers,
>        --  rms
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