Erik has received the Round Tuits. The banners and stand, and postcards should 
arrive tomorrow.

The one thing I did not buy and send is the table drape, as sending anything 
textile through customs can be a nightmare. Can someone in Belgium pick this 
up? The table is 2 meters wide, 1 meter deep. Any inexpensive tablecloth will 
do. If you have a choice of colors, I'd try to get something close to the "Perl 
onion" color, or alternatively, a contrasting medium-warm brown color. 
Something that clashes with the onion would probably not be as good. White is 
always an option but it gets dirty quickly. Of course, there is always Belgian 
lace.... ;)

I also recommend bringing along several of the heavy-duty metal paper binder 
clips that you can use to secure the tablecloth if necessary. You probably 
won't need those but if for some reason the tablecloth tends to slip off 
easily, the binder clips come in very handy. Also, based on my past experiences 
at FOSDEM, power strips may not be supplied, so if you plan to plug in your 
laptops etc. you might want to bring along a power strip and extension cord.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the stand at FOSDEM and reports on how 
things go!


        --  rms

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