Hi Nelson,

sorry for the slow reply.

> What are the best ways to promote Perl to an open audience? What
> business cases we could possibly show? (Enterprise and Government?)

For this you will probably have to ask the general Perl community or
the TPF-Marketing mailing list.
The events group is mainly focusing in helping you setup a stand on an event.

While FISL is still 5 months away we now (after FOSDEM and just ahead
of CeBIT) know we should have started to organize ourself earlier. We
are still learning.

Specifically in order to have a nice stand and goodies to give away
you will need a budget. For a budget you better have some plans.

I moved the content you added to the events page to a page specific to
this event:
just as we did that for FOSDEM and CeBIT.

I'd suggest you look at the other two and start to fill the page of
FISL improving the whole layout and the content.

That would help you form the requirements and based on that you'll be
able to either fund the expenses by sponsor you find or ask TPF if
they are willing to finance some of your expenses.


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