Hi Dave,

TPF or YEF might sponsor this, but it might be a little late for this.

Even if we won't start a booth there - Gabor got about half the contacts on
CeBit by walking to other booths and talking to the people there. We still
want to know who uses Perl and for what, so sending one or two people there
who just talk to the people might be good, too, even without a own booth.

You should try to get someone while we're discussing here (maybe (s)he could
join the list, too).

(S)he may also contact at least Gabor, Renee and me for any questions or
experiences we learned at CeBit, but I think the other Perl::Staff members
(listed in the module on CPAN) would also be happy to help.


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> Betreff: UKUUG Spring Conference
> Gabor reminded me yesterday about the UKUUG Spring Conference 
> which is happening at the end of this month in Manchester.
>   http://ukuug.org/events/spring2010/
> I'm too busy to get involved but I said I'd try to chase up 
> some volunteers from local(ish) Perl Monger groups. But 
> before I did that I checked to see what the conference offers 
> in the way of an exhibition hall. There was nothing obvious 
> on the web site so I emailed my contact at the UKUUG office. 
> She replied thus:
>    "yes, we shall have a small table -top exhibition at Spring 2010 on
>     the Conference days - Wed 24th & Thurs 25th.
>    "Would you like to reserve a space  - the cost is £250 inc vat and
>     includes one foc Conference place and a ticket for the Conference
>     dinner on the Wed evening.
>    "Let me know if you want to book this and I will arrange an invoice
>     etc."
> I assume that we don't have a budget for such costs, and 
> therefore that this means that it's not worth trying to get 
> some volunteers.
> Cheers,
> Dave...

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