Participating on CeBIT  this year was quite successful
and we learnt a lot on how to prepare for future events.

We were lucky as we got one of the free stands offered by Linux New Media.
According to their rules next year we won't be able to get it again.
So if we want some Perl related participation the options will be:

1) Individual Perl related projects can try to ask for a free stand of
their own just
as there were a number of PHP based projects with their own separate
free stands.

2) Rent our own space.

3) Share with some other group (e.g. the PostgreSQL people)

In both 2 and 3 we will need to pay for our our space and the buildup.
As I understand the cost is somewhat less than 700 Euro / sqm and we
need about 10 sqm to have reasonably sized booth. As comparison this year
the 15 projects had a little less than 100 sqm together.

In addition we can try to organize several of the Perl related companies
to have a larger booth if that makes sense for them. That might allow to have
a bigger impact at a smaller price / project or per company.

So the question, where are we going to have 7,000 Euro just for the booth?


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