Here is the descrition of the talk I'd like to do. I've amended the
wiki (with "not accepted yet" warning) accordingly.

Damien Krotkine: Curses::Toolkit - modern toolkit for old-school GUIs
- 20 min (not yet accepted)

For us hackers, developers, IT geeks, sysadmins, or enlightened
citizens, the holy Terminal is the best and only acceptable mean of
interaction with the computer.

Curses is powerful but very low-level. Sadly, there are only few CPAN
modules to abstract a bit Curses and try to provide a better way of
creating curses GUIs.

Enter Curses::Toolkit, the new modern toolkit to write old-school
terminal based GUIs ! It's not 100% complete, but provides a lot of
features you'll find nowhere else, like GTK-like boxing and packing,
mouse support, asynchronous animation, and so on. Oh and it's full of
fun, as this talk will be, hopefully.

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