Hi all,

There are several upcoming events that are of some interest. No idea if
there are funds for them, so the most likely scenario will be to rely on
local groups to manage the booths.

The two most immediate are:

* Southern California Linux Expo 4x (SCALE), 11-12 February, The
Radisson Los Angeles Airport.  http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/.  They
have invited us and there may even be speaker slots open for OOo
speakers.  Certainly booth space.  But, as mentioned, there is very
likely no funding available from OOo for travel and lodging.  If a case
can be made, we can see what is available, but ....

* LinuxWorld Expo Boston.  14-17 February Boston, MA.  As far as I know,
they have not invited us but my guess is that if we want an invite we
can easily get one. That would mean booth space.  If people are
interested in staffing a booth, great.  Again, no money is right now
available for this, afaik, but I believe a case may be made for it:
Massachusetts, where Boston is located, is as most know, undergoing
bureaucratic seizures as it wrestles with the idea of migrating to
opendocument format, which OOo of course uses--and so will IBM's
Workplace, Corel's WordPerfect, and so on. OOo should consider attending
this conference, as there may be opportunity here for engaging new
developers, as well as markets.  Let us know on this list if you are
interested in attending.  I can pitch the importance of this conference
to the council.

The ones that Jacqueline suggested we may want also to consider include
the ones below. The O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland is I
think one of the most important.




US/North America

Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) Feb 14-15 2006, San Francisco

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference Mar 6-9 2006 San Diego

Novell BrainShare Mar 19-24 2006 Salt Lake City

** O'Reilly Open Source Convention Jul 24-28 2006 Portland
no link yet, but here is last year: http://www.oreillynet.com/oscon2005/

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Aug 14-17 2006 San Francisco

Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) Oct 17-18 2006 Boston
couldn't find link


Solutions Linux Jan 31 - Feb 2 or Feb 1 - Feb 3 (not sure of days)
Paris, France

IDLELO2 Exhibition of Open Source Technology Feb 23-25 2006 Nairobi Kenya

** FOSDEM Feb 25-26 2006 Brussels, Belgium

Michale Meeks is presenting here on behalf of OOo. This is an important
developer conference and I am delighted Michael can make it.

Open Source Developers Conference Feb 26-28 2006 Netanya, Israel

**LinuxForum Mar 3-4 2006 Copenhagen, Denmark

I am presenting here on behalf of OOo. Last year, the beta of 2.0 was
announced here, and in the Istanbul conference on open source.

International Free Software Forum (fisl)
no link yet, but here is last year: http://chopin.softwarelivre.org/6.0/


Software Freedom Day

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