On 1/5/06 6:53 PM Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Louis Suarez-Potts wrote:
>> There are several upcoming events that are of some interest. No idea if
>> there are funds for them, so the most likely scenario will be to rely on
>> local groups to manage the booths.
>> The two most immediate are:
>> <snip>
>> * LinuxWorld Expo Boston.  14-17 February Boston, MA. 
> Louis, do you have a website link for this? I've googled and what 
> I come up with by that name in Boston is in April, not February. 
> (There is one in Mexico City on those dates in Feb, however.)

Whew. Yes, you are right. It's in April, 3-6.  I copied wrongly, though
it'd certainly be nice to go to Mexico City Feb. and see my
relatives--at the conference, of course.  :-)

The URL I have is this:

> Cheers, Jean

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