Hi All,

Just had a quick look to see what events are possible for either 
presenting OOo, or for doing a consecutive OOo conference in the
same location. Most of them are Australian, but I came across a
couple of other very interesting ones while searching and have
included them. Maybe we should start getting a list of events
together, priority of event is unimportant, as possible places
where people can present OOo, be it officially or otherwise.

AusWeb Conference - http://ausweb.scu.edu.au/aw06/papers/index.html

ICWE - http://www-conf.slac.stanford.edu/icwe06/default.htm

ASTC - http://www.astcnsw.org.au/default.asp?item=Home

APWEB - http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~apweb06/

ACSW - http://www.comp.utas.edu.au/acsw06/

VALA - http://www.vala.org.au/conf2006.htm

XPlor - http://www.xplor2006.com/conferences_document.asp

ILDS - http://www.nla.gov.au/ilds/

ADCS - http://goanna.cs.rmit.edu.au/~aht/adcs2005/

OpenRoad - http://www.openroad.net.au/conferences/2006/

Consal - http://www.consultingalliance.com.au/

OOo Tips:               http://mindmeld.cybersite.com.au/tips.rss
OOo Knowledgebase:      http://mindmeld.cybersite.com.au
Training4Linux:         http://www.training4linux.com
Cybersite Consulting:   http://www.cybersite.com.au

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