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On Tuesday 23 January 2007 02:45, Juergen Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Jonathon,
> thanks for this interesting summary of the event. I would be happy to
> participate next year to present on programmability features of
> in general and in detail. Maybe it is also possible to
> organize a workshop or some kind of hands on lab.
> Feel free to contact me directly, i have plans to evangelize the
> programmability features of more and more in the future. Any
> pointer,invitation to big events where we can reach a huge audience is
> appreciated and helpful.
> Juergen

That would be brilliant, I suggested such a course to Kay Ramme late last year 
when we were discussing promoting UNO, but there was obviously not enough 
time to sort it.  

May I suggest that as well as the MiniConf that you consider submitting an 
abstract for the main conference as well.

LCA is one of the largest FOSS developer conferences and has considerable 
influence. Linus Torvalds is a regular attendee as are a lot of the 
"RockStars" of FOSS.  Last year this included Maddog Hall of Linux and Mark 
Shuttleworth founder of Ubuntu.  This year, Andrew Tannenbaum creator of 
Minix and  Chris Brizzard (of OLPC showing off some prototypes of the $100 
laptop.) to name some.

The OOo "Rockstar" this year was Mike Carden,  Preservation Software Manager 
at the Australia National Archives talking about his baby; a cute piece of 
software called XENA  that uses OOo as a plugin (XENA is an acronym for 
something which I can't remember... except that the X stands for XML :) )  
XENA converts electronic documents in proprietary formats to Open Document 
Format for archiving.  It's a little more complex than that because it adds 
metadata both to the converted file and the original before storing but you 
get the idea.  Mike did presentations both at the Miniconf and in the main 

Is there perhaps an argument to be made for holding a Full OOo conf in 
Melbourne that meshes in with the LCA MiniConf and the main Conf itself?  


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