Hello Frank,

Release party sounds good.
Is there a "wiki" where someone can "register" the release party
location? That way, more people can see it and join.

I wrote a short tutorial how to organize a party

It's my experience from openSUSE and GNOME.

Well, try to find a pub or restaurant and drink beers. Try to
socialize community with developers to attract more developers for the
project. Try to avoid heavy presentations. Release party is for people
to hang out. If someone wants to see a presentation, then he can read
release notes.

I might organize something in my city.
Don't forget to have phun,

2013/11/27 Frank Karlitschek <fr...@owncloud.org>:
> Hi everyone,
> the ownCloud 6 release is approaching fast. The current plan is to do the 
> announcement on Dec 11th.
> Should we do release parties again?
> If yes, who wants to organize something and where?
> We could do:
> - Short presentations,
> - A install party or
> - An introduction for new developers.
> What do you think?
> Frank
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