I know that some ownClouders live in Stuttgart, so I am forwarding this.

It would be great if any of the ownClouders involved in GSoC were willing
to go to this and present ownCloud projects.


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From: Andreas Hornig <andreas.a.hor...@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 3:37 PM
Subject: [GSoC Mentors] Winter of Code-n-Glühwein 2015 - A GSOC meetup in
Stuttgart, Germany (Sa. 17. January 2015)
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Hi everyone,

(just in case you are not subscribed to the GSOC meet-up email list)

in 2013, we did a meetup called "Summer of BBQode" in Stuttgart. It was
meant to be for all, that couldn't attend GSOC mentors' summit and present
their projects, or just asking organizations who already took part in GSOC
about it, or just talking with people! :)

We were asked on GSOC 2014 reunion to do that again, because those people
liked it.
And now we do it again!

To sum it up:
* 17. January 2015 (Saturday), start 15:00 hrs -> open end
* location: Stuttgart hackerspace shackspace -> Ulmer Str. 255, 70327
Stuttgart, www.shackspace.de
* guests: everyone! Mentors, Students, Just interested (but please put your
name on this list so that we know we have enough chairs set up[0]
* plan: you decide! present your GSOC 20XX projects, get first impressions
to apply for GSOC2015, talk with people about space exploration and
everything. Just a relaxed mingling...
* This will be a combined event for Google and ESA Summer of Code, and Open
Source in general.

Any questions? Ask here or me.
Tell your friends.

See you then. Will be cool to see some of you again and what projects
you're working on.



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