On Monday 02 May 2016 16:12:03 Carlos E. R. wrote:
> Hi,
> I reported it last november, against LibreOffice ir repo 4.3. It has
> been closed now becasue they say that they don't keep that repo.
> So I reopen it against repo 5.0, and again they close it as invalid
> because 13.1 is out of maintenance.
> Absurd! The bug is not present in any other distro, it is just a missing
> pacakge from the repo and should be easy to solve.

Jup, experienced that too - we solved it locally by enabling both the 4.3 
libreoffice repo, where these packages are still present, and the 5.0 repo.

> I'm starting to think that they will close any bug I report because its
> me. I reported a few weeks back something else, it was refused
> unpolitely (solve it yourself if you want), then I saw an update that
> covered what I had reported :-(

Don't worry. I had the same experience (regarding a systemd bug report, after 
the 210 upgrade fiasco, there are still several of these pending). I stopped 
perusing bugzilla, and go on baking my own workarounds for now. My time is too 
short for begging in bug reports.

best regards
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