On 23/10/2016 17:50, Axel Braun wrote:
Am Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016, 16:10:10 schrieb Carlos E. R.:
how are the plans for openSUSE 13.1 after 2016-11-01. Is there a change
for a  longer support of the current evergreen release?

I'm daunted by the perspectives. Either I buy new 64 bit hardware to
replace my old 32 bit hardware, or jump distro to something else, for
the server.

You know that TW has still 32bit support....but thats nothing for the server

I can not put a server that stays 24*7*52(+/-) on TW, and update every other day, and break every other month...

I have been told by a friend that debian does have 32b version. Even an 8080 version somewhere.
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