For the moment I would like to try to put the idea of "time" and its 
relation to my model aside in favor of finishing other parts of the 
model.  So here is an effort to forge a better expression of my current 
working view on the subject.

My basic position is to agree that no net information exists.

I believe that no net information can have at least several venues.  The 
extreme ones are the opposites Nothing and Everything.

A third is my Superverse - a middle ground.

If this was not the case then it seems to me that the single possible venue 
would constitute net information.

The Superverse is just universal random incompleteness resolution.  The 
resolution events are not ordered.

So I believe I have no net information in three possible forms:

Universal null, universal random incompleteness resolution, and universal 

The only dimension in this approach is degree of incompleteness.

Both ends of this dimension are logically brittle non exclusive initiators 
that spontaneously transition to the middle ground.

A SAS may think its universe steps through ordered configurations that 
relate to one another, but the full system is completely random.  Thus the 
complete details of a given universe's recursive enumeration are also random.

Thus "time" is just subjective to the SAS.



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