As a restart I propose a discussion of the following ideas:

Turing's use of Cantor's diagonal argument results in the general lack of a 
decision procedure even if a FAS is countably infinite.

Turing also tells us by the same approach that FAS cannot get any larger 
than that so such a FAS must be complete.

Godel tells us that most FAS have to get that large to be complete.

I see Chaitin's work as saying that any FAS that has a theorem cascade must 
also get that large to be complete.

Unfortunately it therefore seems that most complete FAS are also 

The Everything ensemble proposal as I understand it encompasses the 
simultaneous existence of the complete collection of all possible FAS all 
in a complete state.   If so it seems it must also be inconsistent.

So it seems we must either accept inconsistency for most universes or 
abandon the idea of the Everything ensemble as containing all FAS in a 
complete state.

My Superverse is an attempt at a consistent, but incomplete i.e. dynamic, 
yet all possible FAS ensemble.

Its characteristics are a work in progress.



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