Jacques M. Mallah wrote:

>Marchal wrote:
>>() I agree with Jacques Mallah that the measure depends on the number of 
>       Please explain that remark.

Well, it seems you say exactly that in some of your posts. I will try
to find them in the archive. I think you were talking on "actual" "real"
"physical" implementations where I speak about the computations
occuring in the running UD, where "running" does not need to be actual

It is linked to the following question: you are read and destroyed at
Brussels and reconstituted in one exemplar at Washington and 9 identical
exemplars in 9 thoroughly identical virtual simulation of Moscow.
What is, at Brussels, your first person expectation to find yourself
in Washington and Moscow ?
If you say that your expectation to find yourself at Maoscow is bigger
than the one to find yourself at Washington, then, by definition, I will
say that you link the measure with the number of (actual, here) running


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