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> From: "jamikes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Dear Jürgen, what you say about TOEs is fine, just one question:
> aren't we supposed to KNOW about everything before we put everything into an
> equation? (algorithmic or not).
> (first: omniscient, then make equation out of 'it').
> John Mikes
> "http://pages.prodigy.net/jamikes";

Dear John,

well, even those who don't know everything can look at all possible
alternatives of what that everything might be.  Once they realize that
the describable alternatives are restricted, they can derive something
nontrivial from the restrictions.

The algorithmic assumption is that we don't have to consider
nondescribable alternatives. Maybe this assumption is wrong, but then
we could not say anything reasonable anyway, by definition.
So we shouldn't give it up unless evidence forces us.


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